$250,000+ FINALS



    We are incredibly excited to announce the first-ever Smash World Tour, an international tournament series for Ultimate AND Melee!

    In its first year, it will have stops all over the globe, both big and small, leading up to the Smash World Tour Championships with a combined starting prize pool of $250,000! The Smash community has so many amazing events throughout the year around the world, our goal is to help unify them and take it to the next level.

    Who will be crowned World Champion?





    Between Platinum, Gold, and Silver tournaments, players can earn points from community events all over the world. At the end of the year, the competitors with the most points will be flown out for the SWT Championships (December 17-20th), with over a combined $250,000 on the line!

    Players can earn points from both the largest Smash events in the world and their local weeklies – our goal is that the Smash World Tour encourages growth at every event level!

    Upcoming Tour Events

    MARCH 13-15

    APRIL 3-5



    Our standings and points system is calculated by taking your best placement result from a limited amount of each tier. This helps with both accessibility and incentivizing to attend tournaments both big and small!

    Your place in the Standings is determined by adding up your rolling top 3 Platinum event scores, your top 3 Gold event scores, and your top 6 Silver event scores. To see the full points table and more on the Tour format - check out our About Page.

    In addition to our Platinum and Gold Tour events - players can also earn points by stacking their best rolling SIX results from Silver Events!

    Silver Events are exclusively populated via organizers "opting in" their tournaments from all over the world on - we'd love to have yours as well!

    Coming soon! We're teaming up with for the official shop where we'll have official SWT merchandise, opportunities to grow the prize pools, unique shop goals, collaborations, and more! Keep an eye out on!

    Please note that some events have not been announced yet, stay tuned in the coming weeks as they are revealed! That said, there are a few events that declined the invitation to participate as a Gold or Platinum event on the Smash World Tour.

    Also! As a reminder, ANY tournament that meets the criteria can opt-in via to participate on the Tour as Silver events - the more the merrier! Our goal is to unify the competitive scene as best we can and offer ample opportunity for players all over the world to earn points. Silver events will be a large factor in having that extra reach.

    Thanks to our amazing partners, the Smash World Tour Championships will have a starting total prize pool of $250,000 ($125,000 for Ultimate, $125,000 for Melee).

    However, throughout the year we will have special ways to increase those totals through our Smash World Tour shop!

    All 32 Finalists will qualify for prize money (in addition to travel and housing for the Championships) - and you can see the full breakdown of prize pool distribution on our Rules Page.

    As of now, The Smash World Tour is not associated or affiliated with Nintendo® or Nintendo of America® - though we hope to team up with them in the future! One of our goals with the Tour is to offer a unified way for Nintendo® to directly support the competitive scene.


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