Due to the varying progress of COVID-19 around the world, we’ve made a few adjustments for the remainder of this year’s Regional Finals schedule. We have been monitoring each situation closely, and are optimistic this will be the only set of changes for the rest of the year!

Here is the new schedule for the SWT Regional Finals:

Europe Melee Regional Finals: August 14th – 15th

Central America Ultimate Regional Finals: August 21st – 22nd

Central America Melee Regional Finals: August 28th – 29th

Oceania Melee & Ultimate Regional Finals: August 27th – 29th

Europe Ultimate Regional Finals: September 18th – 19th

East Asia Ultimate Regional Finals: September 25th – 26th

East Asia Melee Regional Finals: October 2nd – 3rd

NA West Ultimate Regional Finals: October 9th – 10th

NA West Melee Regional Finals: October 23rd – 24th

NA East Melee Regional Finals: October 30th – 31st

NA East Ultimate Regional Finals: November 6th – 7th

Additionally, due to the current severe status of COVID in South America, the in-person Regional Final has unfortunately been cancelled. This was a difficult decision, but given the state of COVID in many South American countries, it could be a few more months before we could host the Regional Final in-person (and even then, it would not be guaranteed). This would also leave very little time for the winners to obtain their Visas (or E.S.T.A.) for the Championships. 

The Melee Panel has selected Chape and HP as our South American Melee finalists who will advance to the Smash World Tour Championships.

The South America Ultimate Regional Finals will be held online on August 1st.

We knew COVID-19 may still impact the Smash World Tour this year, but we are truly optimistic given the vaccine rollout rate that this will be the only set of changes across the board. We’ll keep everyone updated as we get closer!

-The Smash World Tour Team