The Tour


The Smash World Tour is an international tournament circuit in which competitors for both Ultimate and Melee can qualify for the Smash World Tour Championships. By attending community events all over the world, players can accumulate points in the Smash World Tour Standings. At the end of the year, the top competitors (along with Last Chance Qualifier winners and top finishers from each region) will face off in the Championships!

There are three tiers of events on the Tour – a combination of your BEST results from all three tiers will determine your spot in the leaderboards. The following contribute to your ranking:

  • Top 3 Platinum tournament results
  • Top 3 Gold tournament results
  • Top 6 Silver tournament results
  • Top 1 Super Silver tournament result

For example – if you attend 4 Gold tournaments, and your 4th entry was your best result to date, it will push out the previous 3rd best result, improving your score in the Standings! It should be noted within the Silver tier there are different levels of points based on tournament size (chart below) – but all can count towards your Top 6 Silver results. As a reference, a “perfect score” in the Standings would be 4475 points, if you were to finish 1st at all Platinum, Gold and Silver events.

Events that count toward the Smash World Tour will take place from March 18 until the cutoff of November 20. At that point the Final Standings will be locked in, determining the 30 players who auto-qualify to move on to the Finals! These 30 spots will consist of the top points player from each of the following regions: North America, Central America, Europe, Japan, Oceania, South America, and Wild Card Region. After those 7 players, the top 23 points getters other than those 7 will also qualify. The final spots for each game will be decided by the winner of the Last Chance Qualifier, an open bracket tournament taking place the weekend of the Smash World Tour Championships! (December 9-11 – San Antonio, TX)

And finally – it all leads up to the second annual Smash World Tour Championships! The Top 32 competitors (including the LCQ winners) will be split into groups based on their placement in the Final Standings. They then will all face off in a winner-take-all throwdown for the title of World Champion.